[Applied Design Science] is an online crowdsourced design valuation platform to help entrepreneurs and investors assess business potentials of design driven startups.

With the emergence of equity crowdfunding and the recent liberalization of startups, novice investors and entrepreneurs alike are drawn to risky endeavors like moths to a flame. With the advent of it’s Design Valuation Dashboard, [Applied Design Science] now provides a reliable, evidence-based tool for assessing a startup’s probability of success. The online crowdsourced design valuation platform provides assessments of a startup’s market, technology and execution risk, as well as their design quality performance. Applying a multi-variable linear regression analysis, design quantification together with the wisdom of the crowd, it effectively screens early and mid-phase startups, greatly reducing their risk of loss.

[Applied Design Science] has leveraged over a decade of design science research into a unique Design Valuation Dashboard. Powered by established design quantification metrics, the platform will provide investors and startups with an online community forum that will assist in developing ideas into viable action plans for designing new businesses. [Applied Design Science] is founded by Stanford Alumni, Dr. Søren Ingomar Petersen, Art Center Alumni, Chuck Chugumlung and USC Alumni, Agustin Grube – inspired by the philosophy: breakthrough innovation is made possible by design.

The Market & Opportunity

The Challenge: Novice entrepreneurs and investors need to vet startups due to changing regulations for online micro equity crowdfunding.


Opportunity: Quick and convenient assessment of startups’ risk and design quality.

Design Valuation Dashboard

When investors explore potential investment opportunities, they can now filter these opportunities through a manageable set of choices using the Design Valuation Dashboard. Startups can be aligned with their risk appetite by applying the market – technology position, balancing the market, technology and execution risk, as well as, their design quality average and quality profile.


Startups can apply the Design Valuation Dashboard to assess their risk position and the probability of their design capability to mitigate this risk and successfully execute. Shortcomings can then be detected early on and corrective measures taken.

Design and Design Driven Startups are effective approaches for aligning technology to market needs. They can reduce risk, secure the best execution and can be applied to incumbent business’ units, as well as, academic and government institutions for measuring risk exposure and execution ability.

Creativity seeded by clear constraints reduces ambiguity and the Design Valuation Dashboard clearly shows how to foster the type of breakthrough innovation that will play an increasingly important role in the advancement of a productive society.

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